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To Scan or Not To Scan?

Total body scans, in which an individual undergoes a computerized tomography (CT) scan of the entire body, are one of the hottest offerings in modern medicine. The arguments for and against them are equally intense. The medical entrepreneurs offering the scans and individuals who believe that a scan will decrease their risk of a serious illness going undetected, argue that the scans are relatively inexpensive and can detect serious conditions, like cancers, long before they cause symptoms. They cite specific instances where the scans. Most physicians and public health experts argue against the use of widespread scanning of health individuals as a screening tool. The yield is low, there is risk of unnecessary radiation exposure, and the cost per detected condition is extremely high. In addition, equivocal or clear-cut findings may lead to unnecessary worry or invasive procedures that carry significant risks of injury or side effects. Generally speaking, in the absence of specific risk factors, the expense and potential risks of the scans outweigh their benefits.

Your decision to undergo one of these scans will be based on many factors, not the least of which is your level of risk tolerance around medical issues. If you are considering one of these scans, you may find the information at the following links helpful: